Waze - Evergreen

Waze is a navigation app that was struggling to find its voice on social. My partner and I
worked on their X (née Twitter) content for a year, helping define the brand on the platform.

lululemon - Blissfeel Trail

lululemon’s new trail running shoe Blissfeel Trail is designed to take women further.

Camille Herron is the youngest woman to log 100K lifetime miles. We teamed up with Camille in her Blissfeel Trail shoes, and created a short digital film to show how she can (and is) going farther than anyone.

Blissfeel Trail’s design was inspired by the runner’s high that comes with going further in nature. We tapped into a TikTok Photoshop trend and emulated the feeling of this high to bring these colorways to life.

GE - Splitscreen Lens

GE had recently announced its decision to become a digital AND industrial company. Because GE
is constantly at the forefront of cutting edge technology, we needed to do something equally
innovative. So we created the first splitscreen Snapchat lens to introduce people to the new GE.

IBM - watsonx your work

IBM’s AI for business platform watsonx helps empower people to be more productive
at work. We created a social-first campaign that showed just how watsonx unlocks
this productivity, using platforms and interfaces our target audience knew oh so well.